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Put our expertise to work for you. At All Brand Appliance Service LLC, we are glad to give friendly advise that can help you avoid a service call.

Do you want some simple advise list your question here and we will return a response as soon as we can.
            Tech Tip: Washer
Q: My washer control is locked up and won't respond.

A: Try unplugging it for 2 minutes then plug it back in. This can reset your control.
        Tech Tip: Dryer
Q: My dryer takes two times to dry towels or heavy fabrics.

A: Try checking your dryer vent outside, it may be restricted with lint, which can also create a fire hazard. Also check the vent hose behind your dryer is it kinked?
       Tech Tip: Electric Range
Q: My electric range clock works and the burner light comes on but, the top won't 
heat and the oven wont come on.

A: Check your breaker switch, your breaker may need reset, this will allow 
some functions to work but it won't heat.
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